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A few thoughts on the walmart pullout threat A few thoughts on the walmart pullout threat Stores if the living wage bill gets law.I'll have a column in the paper on thursday with a more reasoned argument about them, but here are a couple quick thoughts: 1.This is able to be a bluff.Ward 7 councilmember yvette alexander is very much won over it isn't, but i would not rule it out.Walmart stands to lose money if the large retailer reputation act is enacted.Some constructive retail, it stands to gain if it has no real goal of canceling plans for these three stores. 2.If target follows through on its threat, it's a loss for the place.Is good news or bad news for the city these three stores are the types the district could use.Walmart critics argue that the big box retailer has a medical history of driving nearby local businesses under, and at many of the planned sites, like ga avenue and h street nw, there's plenty of existing business within easy reach that could (click here) suffer.But these bankruptcies are not the stores walmart's threatening to cancel.The deals we'll lose ward 7's skyland town center and capitol gateway, and to a lesser extent the one at the intersection of new york avenue and blandensburg road ne in ward 5 in areas that lack in retail, rrn particular grocery retail.They're also relatively towards the maryland border, so they'd help plug retail leakage and bring florida sales tax dollars into the district.It's a shame that these stores are the types on the chopping block. 3.Maybe walmart did not really want these stores anyway.Stores you're preparing.This is the company's an chance get out of that obligation.With its three stores in the northwest quadrant already being built, gray can't really continue on his ultimatum anymore, and walmart gets to dangle its less desirable stores as a bargaining chip to fight the legal guidelines it hates.Council takes a second vote on the bill tomorrow and gray decides whether they should call sign it.Poor achieve, dirty keep, long contours.It takes 30 minutes in the find line on most days.Negril has been gone for at least a year and is now a wings spot.That area needs other as well as grocery options.Wal mart was an anchor tenant that would eventually bring other diet.Maybe the location can lure target back to the table for that location(We are aware, unrealistic).But the liquidation probably did get played on the other locations.They were throwaways to wal mart thought out strategies the premium locations built. Come across.The reality is that it's going to only take two votes to kill the bill tomorrow.If that does not happen, gray will quite definitely veto the bill before it becomes law.The real question here is why didn't the council try and adopt a practical, less extreme wage adjustment that should have applied to every dc business.In a broader sense how does dc benefit by raising wages for what could have been a largely suburban labor force?Does it really make sense to potentially damage ourselves fiscally(Through lower sales tax revenue and lower overall retail work)So that non dc residents can make a bit more cash?Mendelson and orange misplayed their hand and now we will almost certainly find ourselves back at the starting gate.Gotta love dc money. How much"Topeka"Had to talk about.100% trust that.I've cheered for solitary town, metropolitan, suburb, anyone who ever stood facing walmart.Just consider this:There are a multitude of studies that show that a greater percentage of money paid to small company goes toward supporting the local economy, vs big box outlet, the location the place that the money goes elsewhere(Like 70% of business dollars go to local economy vs 30% of big box store dollars);Large corporate chains in a region actually depress buy retail jobs not increase them;And other dismal facts.I'm about to email all of the at large members and mcduffie(My keep 5 rep), Tommy water bore holes Muriel Bowser(Jogging for mayor)To actually explain that walmart can kiss my ass.If they vote the actual lraa(Large retailer responsibility act)Later today, i will not vote for them next occasion, and i'll actively tell others to not prefer them.Supermarkets cannot win this, not my home, not today.Should really stand up too. I don't peculiarly care about walmart, but the balance makes no sense anyway.Why should large store matter?Why should apple or starbucks or cvs be capable of paying minimum wage and not target or macy's?The former make tons of profit and probably take up as much size in dc and employ as many people as the latter.I am not even sure the balance, if flushed, would survive a legal challenge and i'm not going dc paying a bunch of lawyers to defend it. Agreed with everyone who says walmart never wanted without having to planned to build the skyland store.It is cautiously drafted, with expanded findings in the immersed version, to withstand a court challenge by walmart or other corporate blackmailer. Please read understand the legal effect of including such what is fact finding in the body of the law, esp.These bits of information directly rebutting all of alphabet-charms.html walmart's whiny ass tiny baby crying: "(13)Living wages would make it easier for families with the intention to afford to live in "(14)Wal mart has already detailed to district residents that it intends to offer full and part time employees a healthcare plan and they plan to create jobs that would pay typically $12.49 some hour. "(15)The district should embrace businesses' wage and benefit assurances, for example wal mart's, and require by law that large outlets provide living wages and benefits. "(16)The retail industry has oversaturated the rural and suv markets, so your Only way they can grow is to be expanded in large urban centers.I think that assumption shall blow up in their face.Irrespective of the technical details of the bill and aside from any of the sound bites and talking points being thrown around on twitter and in blog comments like these.If they are seen to have so little self respect as legislators that they would vote down a bill after being threatened and discouraged, we will know they lack the type to lead dc. What's lost on both sides is we're sharing a full time job with a salary, pretax, involved with $26k/a year.And we know walmart is more of a fan of hiring Pandora Jewelry 2014 part time folks because stormy pay less benefits. For metropolis:Is that in some way a livable wage?Maybe for someone who lives with 6 visitors, but a single parent or even one person trying to live alone?Maybe it's done but only with great hardship;Exactly what's occurring now for its working poor.
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