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check balance online to a contract mike signed

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The situation and viacom duke it out over trademarks to Apparently mike company, mps entertainment, has gone against the star jersey shore contract by True Religion Womens using the catchphrases to score lucrative deals and endorsements with dilligaf, vitamin water, and reebok. Now mps is attempting to trademark the phrase and viacom is striking back with a lawsuit.While it seems ridiculous that someone wouldn't have the rights to their own worlds, it actually looks to us like viacom has a pretty good case, thanks check balance online to a contract mike signed before the reality tv gods smiled upon him. Back before the situation was famous, he signed a contract granting the producer of jersey shore, 495 productions, the rights to all ideas, language, dialogue, and designs produced on the show.The contract even explicitly states that the has no to issue t-Shirts featuring artist quotes from the series. We'll see how this lawsuit shakes out, but for now it sounds like it wouldn't hurt for mike to get busy thinking up some catchphrases away from seaside heights.

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